Wednesday Outdoor Class

You have been registered for Nancy Cranbourne’s Outdoor Class

Class is located at Parkside Park, 26th and Lloyd Circle, Boulder CO 80304 | 1:30-2:30pm


Class capped @12 peeps! Please be very healthy when you attend class, no sniffles, fevers, or sore throats. However we do encourage giggles, guffaws, and eye rolling when appropriate.

We will check the weather every Wednesday morning and will post if we are having class or not on the website calendar by 10am. Class is on the basketball court or on the lawn, so layer up, sport your Long Johns, warm tennies, and cute lil’ beanies & mittens! And bring me a hot toddy by all means!

We begin each class with a thorough warmup starting with an easy follow-along sequence. This gets the blood flowing, and gently wakes up our muscles, joints, and quick starts the heart. Then we move into more specific technical skills including tendues, plies, standing stretches, adagio, and a combination. We learn the sequences slowly and well, and replace certain sections, when it feels like it is time to challenge ourselves with something new. The combination is usually repeated over 3 or 4 classes, enabling the students to dive more deeply into the material over a couple of weeks. Music is vital to Nancy’s classes, and to her very being.  She uses a wide variety of music including Funk, Classical, Latin, Indian, Pop, and anything she hears that makes moves her.  Classes are fun, challenging, fantastic for the brain, energizing,  and inspiring for the body and soul. They foster lasting community, lifetime friendships, increased longevity, and incredible vitality.

Suggested donation $10-$15.
If you are unable to donate the suggested amount at this time, please just pay what you feel comfortable with!