The Ridiculous and the Sublime

The Ridiculous and the Sublime
Choreographer: Wade Madsen
Risk/Reward Festival | Portland, OR | June  2022
Poncho Theater | Seattle, WA | June 2019
Dairy Arts Center | Boulder, CO | December 2017

The Ridiculous and the Sublime is a dance/theater work created by Wade Madsen.  The Ridiculous features the characters Mandy and Bebe developed by Madsen and Cranbourne’s 40 year friendship. Mandy and Bebe express the beauty and heartache of an abiding relationship, questioning their poignant origins, hysterical codependence & their obsession with death.  The Sublime, is a dynamic dance work performed by a cast of 11 gorgeous artists to a sound score by Madsen featuring Alan Watt’s musings. The piece explores our place in the universe, and exposes our frailties and daily human triumphs.
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