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No Fear Phat Funk @ Dairy 9-10am on April 27th & May 4th

Rehearsals for showing:

April 27th and May 4th 10-11am (Nancy’s pieces only) @the Dairy:

In this order-

Shake ya Boogie  (music: Cinco de Mowo!)
Uh (music: Fujiya & Miyagi, Lightbulbs)
Gravity (music: Sara Bareilles, Little Voice)
The First Time (music: Roberta Flack, The Very Best of Roberta Flack)

May 4th

*Int class will be from 11-12:00

New Breed will run pieces from 12:00-12:30

12:30-2pm Showing will rehearse in show order:

  1. NFPHF  She’s a Bad Mama Jama combo
  2. NFPHF You Know You Want Me
  3. Linz’s Mon. night class-Soul Food
  4. Linz’s Mon. nigh class-Suit and Tie
  5. Linz’s adv. combo-Passion
  6. Nancy’s Int. combo Shake ya Boogie
  7. Possible Linz’s Weds night class combo
  8. New Breed-Fiest the Bad in Eachother
  9. Nancy’s Int/Adv. Uh combo
  10. New Breed-Sail
  11. Nancy’s high Int. Gravity combo
  12. Nancy’s The First Time

SHOWTIME!!!! 2pm-3:30!!!!!!!!

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