This film was created in the summer of 2022. Eleven gorgeous dancers dove beautifully into the project with Nancy Cranbourne and filmmaker Ashwyn Collins. The piece is dedicated to Lynn Israel, and the memory of her sister, Diane Isreal. We hope you enjoy it.

While We Are Here
a dance concert
April 7 & 8, 6pm & 8pm
1340 King Ave, Boulder

“While We are Here” was an intimate House Concert produced by Lyra Mayfield Dances. The concert is created and performed by beloved Boulder choreographers Nancy Cranbourne, Mary Wohl Haan, Tonya Goodwin, and Lyra Mayfield, and includes guest dancers Anna Mayer and Kathleen Dugan. The concert consisted of 12 dance works with diverse themes that range from solos to quintets, performed in the intimacy of the producer’s home.

“While We Are Here” was inspired by the awareness that it is imperative to do what we love in this short life of ours and to have the courage to share our unique gifts while we can. It is the creative outpouring of our love of dance and our gratitude for being alive in this moment, with all of its mystery and depth.

This concert was a benefit and fundraiser for our friend and colleague Joanna Rotkin and her husband Glen Kalen, who is bravely facing glioblastoma brain cancer. Glen is a fine artist and has contributed to our community at large as a furniture maker, sculptor and fine woodworker.

100% of the ticket sales and any additional donations were be given to Glen and Joanna.

A Big Love Production