come on, get your BOOM. on!

Experience a sizzling jazz fusion show featuring the smoldering dancers from Nancy Cranbourne’s
40 Women Over 40 with smokin’ hot younger dancers from Linzee Klinkenberg’s New Breed.
This mixture of women results in rip-roaring dance entertainment that is fun, funky, athletic, humorous and soulful.
Join the celebration of inter-generational collaboration and what it means to be a dance artist at any age.

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I can’t begin to tell you all how much this performance moved my heart and spoke to my soul. The joy on your faces, the sensual looks to the audience, and the comfort in your skins, made me cheer and cry at the same time. It\’s like you all know something that no one else knows. Probably that dance is liberating you. You were all beautiful and powerful. I loved the music from my generation, the mix of jazz and modern, the costumes, the lighting, but most of all I loved the energy of joy that filled the stage and spilled over to the audience. I am a lost dance spirit in my mid-40\’s who had given up my dream to dance and to choreograph and to create my own company. I have not danced since my mom died over 6 years ago, knowing she would not be in the audience, I haven\’t found the strength or the right supportive group to try to dance again. You have awakened my soul and I hope to see you all in a dance class very soon. Thank you for doing what you are doing. A lost but grateful dance spirit, Laurie Wood

Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed BOOM. yesterday at the Dairy Center. I knew no one in the cast, but my mother read about your dance group in the Camera and bought tickets for herself, me, and my 12 year old daughter. We all THOROUGHLY enjoyed the show. Must say–your sense of humor shines! Loved, loved, LOVED your Pillow Talk number. Hysterical! As someone who just turned 50 and whose body is not cooperating, you\’ve inspired me to get my ass back into motion again! Be well. Lauren


Boulder native Linzee Klinkenberg began her dance career performing with local staples Interweave Dance Theatre, Helander Dance Theatre, the University of Colorado and her mentor Nancy Cranbourne.  While in high school she co-founded the New Vista Dance Co. with John Corsa.  She earned her BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. Upon graduation she began teaching at Whitman College, the University of Washington and Cornish College. She has danced with North West favorites Spectrum Dance Theatre, Seattle Fringe Festival, Strictly Seattle and choreographers including Wade Madsen, Deborah Wolf, and Michael Foley. Her most recent choreography premiered at the Dairy Center of the Arts and Seattle’s Full Tilt showcase this summer. She teaches dance and movement classes at Alchemy of Movement, Boulder Ballet, and with Fitness for Living as a certified Personal Trainer, Bootcamp and Yoga Instructor. She is currently in production of her next full-evening length dance production BOOM. debuting in the Spring 2012. Linzee’s greatest work is her role as mother of four young sons.

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