Avalon Policy

Avalon Ballroom 2022 COVID policy

  • In accordance with Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) Public Health Order 2021-08, masks must be worn indoors in all areas of The Avalon.
  • The Avalon no longer allows the Boulder County exceptions for Vaccine Verified Facilities. We encourage attendees to wear N95-style masks rather than cloth or surgical masks.
  • The Avalon remains a “vaccinated only” venue, and we now require a booster or vaccinations less than 6 months old for those who cannot yet get a booster.  Note: organizers can allow a 2-week grace period after the six-month date from the second jab since boosters aren’t allowed prior to 6 months after the second jab.
  • We strongly encourage anyone who thinks they could possibly have been exposed to stay home, even if you have a negative result from a rapid test. Stay home if you have ANY symptoms of ANY illness.
  • All attendees at all events must provide proof of full vaccination when asked by the event organizer or Avalon staff.
  • Attendees must inform the event organizer as soon as possible if they have COVID symptoms or test positive for COVID after an event.  Organizers must then immediately notify covid@boulderdancecoalition.org.