About One Big Yes!

One Big Yes Productions is not only a title it is an attitude about life. Nancy created One Big Yes in 2012, to encompass everything she was doing and desired to do in the future. The title itself inspired her to open up to new opportunities, artists who surprise and move her, people right under her nose who flummox her with their depth of love and passion.

Currently, One Big Yes produces live theater, video & film for dance and theater, and offers ongoing adult dance classes with opportunities for all to perform. We have so much to share, give, show, and offer. Why not just say Yes!!!!

About Nancy Cranbourne

Nancy CranbourneNancy Cranbourne is the Director/Owner of One Big Yes Productions. She resides in Boulder, Colorado with her lifetime love, Mike.

In 2020, Nancy was honored to be named on of Colorado’s Legends of Dance by the Dance Archive. Nancy has served on the dance faculties of the University of Washington, Cornish College of the Arts, the University of Colorado/Boulder, Colorado State University, and the National Theater Conservatory (@the Denver Center for Performing Arts). Nancy is a passionate teacher, known for buoying her students up with love, humor, deep encouragement, and ultimate self acceptance.

After an early career of many successes and a few memorable flops, Nancy witnessed the 2nd chapter of her dance career unfold perfectly in 2003. As she had recently turned 40, and was not done dancing or performing by any means. She thought, “how can we make dancing after 40 cool”? Nancy created 40 Women Over 40, a dance company made up of dancers from the ages of 40-75. This group found great success in performing large-scaled productions such as Sweet Release, Feels Like Falling, BOOM, and badaboom (Dairy Arts Center 2003-2014). Shortly after this period 40 Women morphed into One Big Yes Productions, welcoming dancers of all ages into join the vibrant tribe.

Besides being a dance artist, Nancy is also an award-winning actress & playwright. She was named Best Actress 1999, by Westward Magazine for her performance in 2 Women Avoiding Involuntary Hospitalization (with collaborators Patti Dobrowolski and Molly Thompson). The same year, she and Patti won Best New Play from the Denver Drama Critics Circle for 2 Women. The collaborators are in talks to remount this runaway hit for it’s 25th anniversary.

Nancy is currently working with Patti and Molly on upcoming projects. Nancy also continues to perform with her beloved cohort, Wade Madsen. Most recently they performed This is It, a Wade creation, featuring the characters Mandy & Bebe. Most recent performances were the Risk/Reward Festival in Portland OR 2022, Poncho Theater, Seattle WA 2019, and the Dairy Arts Center 2017.