40 women over 40

40 Women Over 40 is a Boulder, Colorado-based dance company comprised of more than 40 dancers over 40. The company is fueled by technical talent but feeds on soul. The cast includes dancers with over 30 years as career professionals (from Rockettes to avant-garde modern dance company members) to courageous women with less than 5 years dance training. 40 Women Over 40 brings something refreshing to the cultural table; a very large group of women who collectively embody their sensuality, authority, humor, and depth and leave their hearts on the stage at every performance. They define seasoned elegance and apologize for nothing. Every infectious production to date has inspired the audience to stand, applaud, and stomp their feet. The mission of 40 Women Over 40, under the artistic directorship of Nancy Cranbourne, is to inspire and include as many women over 40 as possible into our process through the sheer joy of dance. We accomplish this through classes, workshops, rehearsals and performance. We transform the perception of what it means to be over 40 by simply being luscious, grounded, fierce women who burn across the dance floor.

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